Munich showed itself to me as a city of people and places. I have divided my favorite images accordingly in the galleries above and below, but trust me when I say these two elements blend very well in Munich.

There was music everywhere we looked in Munich as you can see in the photos above. And the musicians, tourists and locals that give this city a wonderful heartbeat are always buzzing against a beautiful backdrop. Walking into the Marienplatz was quite a surprise after a stroll down the pedestrian-only shopping corridor from Odeonsplatz. A modern retail path quickly transitioned to a medieval square, complete with fountains, live piano music, and crowds of tourists taking it all in. In the Marienplatz, the architecture that survived so much stood tall and surrounded us.

It was a joy to wander and explore each artery that fed into the heart of the city. At the end of the square, a turn of the corner revealed the Viktualmarket, a vast series of stalls ranging from fruit stands to seafood restaurants serving fresh catch and crisp white wine. Although the day was chilly, the paths were full of patrons. For those vendors that were lucky enough to have a slice of sunlight, the people gathered and socialized. Ever welcoming, Munich’s merchants in the shade provided blankets and heat lamps.

How did we come to be in Munich? I was fortunate to receive an invitation to a corporate event here which I extended into a mini vacation. The work event began on Thursday and, truth be told, I wanted to arrive early to adjust to the time-zone difference. While I typically travel through time zones pretty well, it was important to me to be alert and have some separation from the general work busyness heading into this event.

This plan ended up being the right one. A mid-week snow storm wreaked some travel havoc for my colleagues… glad I was already in Munich and not spending my Wednesday on hold with travel agents!

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