To borrow a musician’s phrase:

‘in the studio’ evokes that special moment when inspiration and perspiration intersect

It’s when the time has arrived to take what’s been rehearsed and record it for all to hear, to choose one design among the set of drafts and versions, to prop open the door of the business you’ve been creating and hang a shingle out front. “In the studio” is my term for taking those steps, whatever they may be.

I have found among my friends that we all have multiple interests, multiple personalities, multiple priorities… and we describe that array with a tell-tale “slash” between each. Some have multiple businesses, others have multiple creative outlets, and many surround themselves with a blend of both.

I find myself naturally helping my friends, collaborating with them and generally being involved and interested in their endeavors. If I can be an advocate, aid or just a super fan, count me in. I refer to that side of my passion as studio/Gracious, and where I’m needed and able, I love to lend a creative hand with taking photos, designing websites and logos, and managing social media.

Take a spin through my work below or in my photography portfolio … let me know what your project is and how I can help!

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Photography + Website: Fitness at 5 East Personal Training & Studio

T-Shirt: DB4Fitness Personal Training & Performance Center

Logo: Philly Local Impact Live Musicians Collective

Logo + Business Card: Stevenson Structural Engineering