Pics Worth a Word is my routine, on-the-go creative outlet. I am fortunate that most of my work and personal commuting is done via public transportation or on foot. Boston is a very walkable city (and we no longer own a car). Not driving means I have more opportunity to look around and maybe find a moment to capture. I describe Pics Worth a Word as:

Capturing my everyday every day… Boston and beyond… in a single word.

Sure, I use some hashtags to stay social, but I try to boil down my photo to a single word that describes the moment. Often, for simplicity sake, the word simply describes the scene… hotel, sunset, etc. Other times, I try to make the word sum up what I am feeling or what the scene reminds me of.

These photos are 99% iPhone, so they will not be a repeat of the camera photos that are primarily used in blog posts. Take a spin through some Pics Worth a Word below and follow along if you’d like!