Music is my oldest artistic passion. I was a songwriter & guitarist in Philly-based band Placid Admiral early on (and a few times since). The Gracious is my current solo songwriting & performing project, and increasingly also a photography project.

Placid Admiral is a 5-piece rock band structure (friends first, bandmates second). And I love that… collaboration and trust bolster music projects – especially when it comes to songwriting. In contrast, The Gracious has enjoyed an ever-evolving format. It also features me as lead singer and sole songwriter. Its various incarnations have included a rock trio, an acoustic trio, and most often a solo act. Given the freedoms recording can offer, I used a combination of these sounds and formats on the “Goodness Vol. 1” EP (links below). 

I was fortunate to translate The Gracious into a broader concept a few years ago, one that brought together my music, the music of friends and artists I respect, and my emerging interest in photography. I developed and hosted For the Record Sessions, a monthly live show and recording series featuring the songs and stories of Philly’s best songwriters.