What a cool opportunity to get up close to three high-energy bands at a pro venue like the House of Blues.

While the access pass only allowed me “in the pit” for the first three songs of each band, I made the most of the time. I also had the ability to roam around the venue, including the balconies, so I explored other perspectives and caught the ebergized crowd during the latter half of each set.

One lesson learned at this outing was to fire off more shots than usual… I took a huge batch of pictures. I also learned that waiting for the right light, or in this case spotlight, is key. It was quite a rush to continually look left, right, up, down and even behind to see where the lighting engineer might present me the best shots. And since each only lasted a second, my heart was racing. After some trial and error with my zoom lens, I switched to my 50mm prime lens. Even with the occasional spotlight moment, the setting was generally dark. The 1.8 aperture of the prime lens helped relative to the f4 aperture of my zoom lens.

I remembered a tip someone once gave me about turning around while taking pictures… sometimes what’s behind you is even more interesting. Now, that might not make sense at a live rock show, but the crowd was up to the task of hanging right there with the bands – Daddy Issues, Tiny Moving Parts, and punk vets The Menzingers.

Please take a look below for the greatest hits.

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